Professional framework

Meemoo offers a professional framework in the field of digital management and sustainable preservation. By digitising analogue collections, we at Art in Flanders can provide easy access to digital cultural content. We keep a close eye on developments in digital photography to ensure we continue to meet quality standards, and work with a pool of photographers who are carefully selected following a public tender. We also set technical quality requirements based on international standards.


By guaranteeing the sustainable preservation of image files at Art in Flanders, we can safeguard digital collections for future generations.

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What can meemoo do for you?

With Art in Flanders, meemoo is aiming to meet the demand for the digitisation and sustainable preservation of works of art and cultural heritage – providing access to digital image content from museums and cultural organisations, and promoting Flemish art and cultural heritage on an international scale.

We make your collections available on a single platform using accurate and high-quality image content. Our aim is to encourage education and research into art and cultural heritage collections, and be a source of inspiration to anyone looking for visual enrichment.

What we do for your museum or cultural organisation:


  • Employ professional photographers to create high-resolution images.

  • Help professional users to distribute Flemish collections. This means, for example, that they can come to us for the most up-to-date version of an image of a specific work of art. 

  • Specialise in licence management and use a modelled licence system to take into account the objectives, scope and quality required for professional users such as publishers. We also collaborate with professional partners and work with up-to-date image management systems.

  • Our professional digital asset management ensures master images are preserved in a sustainable way.

  • All images are automatically made available on the Art in Flanders platform, and we provide a sustainable solution for your digital photo archives. Meemoo uses its expert knowledge and professional infrastructure to take care of this.

  • We invest in digital advances in image management and share expertise regarding ‘reproduction work' and its sustainable preservation.


Do you have any questions about our services? Please email and we’ll be happy to help you further.