Creative Commons License

We work in close consultation with collection managers to determine the conditions and licences for making the images available. This means that licences can differ from collection to collection.

We’re aiming to make as much image content available as possible under a CC0 Creative Commons licence in the future. The licence that currently covers the majority of collections is the Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0.

For more information, please see the Creative Commons website:

This licence allows you to share, copy, distribute and transmit the work using any medium or file format. The licensor cannot withdraw this permission as long as the licence conditions below are satisfied:

Attribution: if you’re using images from Art in Flanders, we ask you to always credit the creator of the work and provide a link to the licence. You may do this in an appropriate way without creating the impression that the licensor approves of your work or your use of the work. Read more about this on the Creative Commons website.

Non-Commercial: you may not use the downloaded images for commercial purposes. It is not permitted to earn money, directly or indirectly, from the work. Do you want to use the images for commercial purposes? Read more about our services for professional and commercial use here.

No Derivatives: you may not distribute material if you have remixed, modified, transformed or built upon it.

No additional restrictions: you may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the licence permits.

These images have a colour profile suitable for use on screens and projectors (sRGB). Do you want to use the images in a print application or for commercial purposes? Then please contact